A New Book
by Ann McLaughlin

Activate Your Star: A Guide to Unlocking Your Purpose is the book you’ve been waiting for! Ann McLaughlin provides you with the exact formula you need to live in your purpose, unleash your full potential, and experience unbridled fulfillment. If you’re not already at peak activation, then join our mailing list so we can help you get there!

An Excerpt from Chapter 1

You Are A Star

You are a star! You possess unlimited potential and endless possibilities. As cliché as this sounds, it is a truth you must or should have already embraced. Maybe you don’t feel like a star. For countless people, there’s a feeling of unfulfillment in their lives. Too many of us dread the thought of having to face another work week. Millions, if not billions, of people all over our planet are living a mundane existence in return for financial security. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself if this is what you’re meant to be doing?

When we speak about you as a star, we’re referring to you living your best and most fulfilling life. The star is you, shining, happy and fulfilled. This version of you is the one that wakes up thankful just about every morning, ready to take on the day and release your magic on the world. It’s the you that has a talent or gift to share that others simply cannot wait to receive. The magic that stars like you possess is special because others consistently praise you for it. When properly activated, it can help you to secure both a joyous and financially sound lifestyle.

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Activating Your Star is the act of uncovering and pursuing your purpose. Do you believe you’ve activated your star? Share your thoughts!

About the Author

Ann McLaughlin currently serves as the Associate Dean of Business at Southern New Hampshire University. Professor McLaughlin holds both a Master of Accounting (MAcc) and MBA from Nova Southeastern University where she studied Forensic Accounting, Taxation and Management. She served previously as an educator for the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) where she tutored students in basic math, accounting, finance and Excel courses. She also runs a consultancy called M2M Consulting which provides tax and accounting services.

McLaughlin is a contributing author on the book, Courage Under Siege: Flight to Light, Volume 5. Activate Your Star: A Guide to Unlocking Your Purpose embodies the passion that McLaughlin has for education, as well as  inspiring students and the broader public to unlock and pursue their dreams. By providing readers with the exact formula to achieve activation, McLaughlin hopes to free countless individuals so they can be the best possible version of themselves.


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